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A Woman In Love – A Series of Guest Writing and Art

he tells you that no man can live up to the one who
lives in your head
and you tried to change didn’t you?
closed your mouth more
tried to be softer
less volatile, less awake
but even when sleeping you could feel
him travelling away from you in his dreams

for women who are ‘difficult’ to love” by Warsan Shire

We never stop talking about love. We are curious, puzzled by its accompanied shenanigans. Coffee, alcohol, food – are made delicious with a side order of conversations on love; and yet, in all this talk, there is something missing. And that, I think is an absence of reality – a desire to keep hidden all which is not perfect.

Of the beauty of love, we speak much and often.But what of the darkness of it?  We do everything possible to hide that part, don’t we? A part that is all rage, frustration, and negativity.  When we stop talking about darkness — and we have — we take away a woman’s ( and those who identify as women) means of  coming to terms with the shifting landscapes of her desires and ambitions.  Her reality has changed, so must the words

In love – ugliness, shame, fear, anger, passion, devotion, affection all come together to create dramatically individual experiences. The expression of which is watered down to remain within a normative story line, in a society quick to judge a woman for her choices while waiting breathlessly to label her a failure.

There has only ever been one dominant narrative of love – that of flowers, demureness, beauty and subtle manipulations. What then of those women who have been loud in their emotions and awkward in their confessions ? There must be those who wish for no doors to be opened and revel in one night stands. There must be women who aren’t clingy and women who have don’t get jealous, women who trust and don’t snoop.  I wonder why I hear so very little of these women. Silence has never been conducive to building solidarity. It is far easier to talk about the lack of a girl code and call women catty than to look at how forcing an ideal on  girls and women has isolated them in their journey of love.

A Woman in Love is an attempt to know more of the other kind of woman – the real one. This series is a growing collection of writings and artwork by various women and those who identify as women, as they grapple and engage with ideas, experiences, and journeys of love. It is is an attempt to build an understanding of love that is more honest and which reflects reality, so that women can be more true to themselves in their endeavour of love while learning and exploring their own ideas of perfection.

I hope that you enjoy the works listed below. They are as much love stories as they are the truth. Enjoy these stories, share them, discuss them and know that you are not alone in your feelings, whatever they may be.

I wish you luck in this expedition into the hearts of Amazons.

If you wish to contribute to the series, reach out to me by filling up a few details here.

Writings :-

  1. Shatter by Aletta D’cruz
  2. Parts of Me by Pankaja Balaji
  3. Conqueror by Anon
  4. Loving the Conqueror by Anon
  5. The Path Of Strewn Emotions by H.K.
  6. Challenge by Aletta D’cruz
  7. Collision by Pankaja Balaji
  8. Unsaid by Pallavi Saraswat
  9. What Happened this Afternoon by Zainab Kakal
  10. Lay Inside of Me by Kanika Sud
  11. Stranger by Silent
  12. The Formula by Maya Sharma Sriram
  13. The Blind Connoisseur  by Pankaja Balaji
  14. Stage 2 by Spu

Art :-

  1. Merge by Shibani Bose
  2. In Search for Symmetry by Neeti Savla
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Contribute to A Woman in Love Series

This series is meant to be ever evolving – a platform to share your thoughts and feelings –  and therefore it will always be open for contributions.

If you wish to contribute to A Woman in Love, take a look at the following list to get a better understanding of how to go about it. Fill in your details at the bottom of the page and I will reach out to you, as soon as time permits.

  • Understand the series : It is essential that you understand the purpose of the series. Go read about it here and drop me a message if there is something more you wish to know.
  • Original work only – Writing, photographs, music pieces, design plans, pictures of work – anything and everything that speaks to a woman in love is welcome.
  • Fresh work preferred  – Pieces created specifically for this platform are preferred, but if you have something that you feels fits this well then do reach out. I would however, encourage you to look at this as an opportunity to do create and share something new.
  • Need Help Ideating  – If you wish to contribute but don’t know what to write about or create, then we can always come up with something together !

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A Woman in Love : Stage 2 by Spu

The end, hindsight. 

Stage 2 by Spu

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A Woman In Love: The Blind Connoisseur by Pankaja Balaji

Once the makeup is removed, the pictures edited and the posturing over, it is time to realise that there is more than meets the eye and little truth in assumptions. 

A Dedication, A Confession 

The Blind Connoisseur by Pankaja Balaji 

I overheard many things. I overheard them telling you to be manically independent, to learn to make your stand and warned you to never bow. My lips tightened, my eyes filled with contempt. Your answers to my queries of your emotions merely reaffirmed my cynicism.

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A Woman in Love: Name, Place, Animal, Thing

A woman in love speaks in tongues of metaphors and wonders. She becomes a mystery to those around, as she revels, in that which only she can see and feel. This author tries to make another see, what is beloved to her, even  as her friend the skeptic tries to rationalizes. 

The Understanding, A Dialogue

Name, Place, Animal, Thing  

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A Woman in Love : The Formula by Maya Sharma Sriram

Marriage in the Indian context has many layers to it. It is a coming of age, the joining of families, the next step of the journey, so on and on. For the soul with a difference, the Indian marriage becomes a conundrum, a hard choice between self and society, theory and practice. 

She is a soul with difference, a force to be reckoned with. She is independent, modern, her daughter’s closest friend and a happening one at that. A writer by profession, she finally penned down the conundrum.

Life Lived,Perspective Gained.

The Formula by Maya Sharma Sriram 

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A Woman In Love: Stranger by Silent

Grace is the first word she evokes. Possessed of an aura of optimism, it is shaded with caution, and protected by silence. Affectionate, passionate and a busy bee. Happiest in her spaces but always on the lookout to conquer more. 

Silence Broken, Gems Strewn  

Stranger by Silent

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I suppose the sea loves the rocks,

In violence, obsession and repetitions.

And the stars, their moon;

Distant but complementary,

Yearning, in the shadow of another.

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A Woman In Love: Lay Inside Of Me by Kanika Sud

Love and acceptance, laughter and weirdness. She has hidden depths of fierceness, kindness and startling wit. I feel this constant need for her to see herself the way I see her, for her to take some of my faith and understand how amazing she is and how blessed we are to know her. 

To Traverse, A Revelation

Musical Score: Something Inside by Jessie Ware 

Lay Inside of Me by Kanika Sud

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A Woman In Love: What happened this afternoon by Zainab Kakal

A bundle of strangeness made up of warmth and retracted edges, she has no pattern and no design. The mystery of her ways, and the quirks of her thoughts are irresistible. Beauty and brains, comfort and whiplash.

A desire, too far.

What happened this afternoon by Zainab Kakal

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